Can’t Camp

Summer, the time when many people seem to get crazy over the chance to show their innermost hipster and be one with nature at camp.

My earliest memories of camp are shoddy flickers of being 8 or so and being bullied all the time by what’s her face. Don’t know why she loved to pick on me … I was such an introvert that it was easy, I guess. Oh, and being caught playing spin the bottle in someone’s tent though I really didn’t know what I was spinning for. 😕 

Clearly, my sentiments about camp were sullied very early on. I finally got to my adulthood and much like the relief of never having to worry about pulling another loose tooth, I thought the idea of camp would stay behind in my primary years. Not to mention, I had grown into a very big city girl. Bugs?? Ew!

The 'debut'. I know, fab right!?
The ‘debut’. I know, fab right!?

But then in the excitement of the possibility of having an ugly Christmas sweater party last year, I pledged to participate in camping activities with my fiancé’s family. I really needed to close the deal on this sweater party and was willing to do whatever it took (even saying ‘yes’ to camping … it’s just talk anyhow) to get everyone else on board. My outfit was ready before that party was even planned. I just needed to ensure that there was a party to make it’s debut. Priorities, people!

Well Christmas came and went and so did the sweater party too. Brad’s family was totally game for this ugly sweater party and pulled out all the stops. One person even spent hours crafting a light up vest out of Christmas themed duct tape. Another person brought prizes and badges for ‘most festive’, ‘best dressed’, etc. Clearly, everyone was having such a good time! I figured that in all of the enjoyment everyone was receiving from my sweater party idea, nobody would have even remembered the promise I used to buy their acceptance of my super awesome ugly sweater idea. 

The winter months toiled on and from time to time ‘camp’ would come up in conversation. I kind of shrugged it off, figuring that there were still many months for ‘that’ to figure itself out. For all I knew (and was secretly hoping for) I might be in a different country in the summer or working on weekends.

Well as it turned out, camp was a big thing for the family this year. Every 10 years the town of Ripley has a reunion and families and companies alike work tirelessly on creating floats to feature in the parade. Brad’s family was no exception, papa Mac in particular, and were thrilled to be working on a MacDonald float. Amidst decoration preparations, t-shirt printing (for 30 people on the Mac float!!), official parade schedules, and an anthem!!! I realized that this camping event actually is a thing … a big something to many people.

*Sigh* the hope of getting out of this became dim. I began plotting … you know … what if I had a sudden illness, or injury, or if a job miraculously fell from the heavens? It’d be excusable, right? Don’t judge – I still scream out to my grandmother for help when I see a monster (errr … big bug) and I have war wounds on my body from incessant mosquito bites (FYI mosquitoes love every part of me). “Okay, okay, keep cool. What if I just wear a bee keeper suit to stay out of harm’s way?” I told myself. I really considered getting one but there wasn’t enough time for shipping from Amazon waaaa.

Alright, I made a promise and this meant a lot to Brad’s father, I just had to suck it up. I’m very happy to announce that I made it out unscathed. Completely untouched by mosquitoes, earwigs, lions, tigers, and bears.

Hallelujah! I bet you’re thinking that after all that fuss, I had a major revelation about how awesome camping can be. Well let’s just say that going to camp affirmed my original sentiment – I hate camping. 

But I’m so glad I went because:

Ripley Reunion – I came, I saw, I conquered you. Now I have 10 years to recoop or come up with an exit. 😀 

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