Back in January, I started the next ‘read’ on my list. I had danced with the idea of reading “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp late last year but with all of the fun I was having dealing with anxiety (said no one), the idea of reading something new or even my own name, for that matter, was unappealing.

The turn of the new year definitely brought with it a new perspective and this book furthered a new way of living and being. The focus of “One Thousand Gifts” is simply on having an attitude of gratitude. Purposefully counting one thousand gifts in your life right now not only brings awareness of all the blessings, but also transitions you into a new state of constant thankfulness.

You can bet a pretty penny (even the ones out of circulation) that I’ll be writing a review of the book when I’m done reading it. For now, I thought I’d let you in on my life full of these little gifts.

This week, I will be starting a ‘1KG’ series in the ‘Captures’ section of this site. As I continue journeying through my days, I will be taking pictures to capture the gifts that I discover and will be sharing them with you.  

watercolor camera

I have to be honest, in the pause before starting this series the thought of finding and documenting one thousand gifts seems daunting. Though, just yesterday alone I took 3 pictures so, maybe it won’t be that bad after all. I’m getting the sense that once you start this challenge, it’s easy to build up momentum; once you become aware of one gift, it’s easy to spot many others. 

My hope is that this series will encourage you to begin looking out for the gifts in your life – trust me, they’re there! And maybe you’d be willing to put yourself out there by sharing a picture or two. You just never know how sharing one picture might inspire many others to keep their eyes open and ready. 


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