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Oooooooh my gosh, it’s almost one of my most favourite times of the year. This. Is. Happening. Soon. Smile cookie time!!!

The smile cookie campaign was first launched by Tim Hortons in 1996 as a way to raise funds for a hospital in Ontario. Since then it has grown into a very successful annual event that supports a myriad of charities in Canada and United States.

Employees are always really good about keeping mum on when the cookies will be coming out but last year they made an appearance in the middle of September. What I love about these is that not only are they a fun and tasty treat, but buying these inexpensive goodies are a great way to support local charities. 

So please, if you come across these this year let me know! And send in pictures of your cuties too  😀 



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2 thoughts on “☻ Smile

  1. Drooling while reading this!!! This brings back memories to last year when id get to work and be surprised by the delicious cookie you left on my desk!

    Can’t wait!

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