Pumpkin Patch Kids

October is already shaping up to be a hectic month. My calendar, packed with meetings, tasks, appointments, and a bunch of Dots & Lace stuff, can look rather daunting. It’s all in good fun though.

This time of year is ideal for unleashing your inner arteeeeeest (the extra e’s make it sound fancier). I just think of  beautiful autumn photographs, delicious baked goods, and interesting pumpkins. Oh yes, about those pumpkins….I’ve been craving a pumpkin decorating session but wasn’t sure how I’d be able to fit in some artsy fartsy time into my hectic schedule. 

I ‘craved’ out some time (haha that was a pun!) and found some easy to do ideas. I’d say that apart from drying time, this activity didn’t take too long. The biggest plus is that most of the materials can be purchased from your local dollar store (yes, even the pumpkins). Oh even better – if you get fake pumpkins, your decorations can be used next year. 


Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.17.47 PM

Here is a quick rundown of how to make pumpkins like mine:


  • Need: pumpkin, white acrylic paint, blue adhesive rhinestones, and a blue ribbon
  • Paint pumpkin white in two layers and allow to dry
  • Apply rhinestones along each vertical crease in the pumpkin. Place a little bit of pressure on each strip to ensure they are secure.
  • Tie a matching blue ribbon along the pumpkin stem



  • Need: pumpkin, fishnet stockings, gold acrylic paint, glue gun, gold glitter glue
  • Paint pumpkin gold in two layers and allow to dry
  • Insert pumpkin into the foot of a pair of fishnet stockings. Cut the stockings just above the height of the inserted pumpkin.
  • Pull end of stocking gently and glue cut edges to the base of the stem (using a glue gun)
  • In a pattern sequence, apply dots of gold glitter glue to material on stockings



  • Need: pumpkin, fishnet stockings, blue and white acrylic paints, sponge tip brush
  • Place pumpkin into the foot of a pair of fishnet stockings
  • Cut the stocking just above the height of the pumpkin
  • Pull the stocking to widen the holes in the fishnet. Keep pulling until you have your desired size of holes.
  • Tie a rubber band to secure the stocking to the stem
  • Dab blue paint all over the pumpkin using the sponge brush
  • Mix a bit of white paint with the blue paint and dab onto the pumpkin using the sponge brush to create a gradient effect



  • Need: pumpkin, gauze, glue gun, googly eyes, knife, black Sharpie marker
  • Wrap the pumpkin with gauze in circular pattern then an x pattern. You may need to apply glue every once and a while to secure the gauze.
  • Using a glue gun, adhere googly eyes to the front of your pumpkin. Make sure to either have extra gauze handy or place the eyes just underneath the topmost layer of gauze on the pumpkin
  • Using a sharp knife, make an opening for the mouth. You may need to trim some of the gauze in that area.
  • Color in the mouth opening with the black marker, ensuring to cover as much of the opening as possible
  • After the paint has dried, carefully remove the stocking from the pumpkin


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