Purple Hits, Gold Tips

Okay, I know I’ve been MIA for a while now and so I kind of have “some splaynin” to do. But before I get around to story telling I first wanted to say Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s already 2016?! I’m really expecting this to be a big bad a$$ year … I can just feel it in my bones!

And so back to my absence, because I know several of you have been reaching out to me asking if everything is okay. The truth is I was really struggling in November and December. I went from being highly productive to being completely debilitated by confusion, stress, anxiety, and my long-time pal, depression. By the time December rolled around the bouts of anxiety and depression had hit a head (my head to be exact) and I was incapable of being in social settings, thinking, doing, or being, for that matter.

With Brad’s helping hand and unwavering love, I was able to take a time out from everything for a few weeks and just focus on me being healthy in all ways without the worry of tasks, deadlines, commitments, expectations, etc. I packed a suitcase (okay, several) full of my stuff and stayed at Brad’s place for almost two weeks. It worked out well because Brad also had this time off from work. And before all the religious people get their knickers in a knot, I have to announce that we kept it decent and respectful. Every evening we worked together to clear out the living room area and pump up the inflatable mattress for me (and only me) to sleep on.

During this time, the priority for us was working together to promote health from all facets – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. We did everything together for those weeks, from meal planning, to morning and evening prayers, to working on fun projects, to offering words of encouragement to one another. Hands down, it’s because of Brad’s help and God’s love that I was able to approach this new year with a new perspective and sense of self.

And already, some really interesting and great things have happened. I can’t wait to write about them and share the details with you soon. But before we go off on yet another tangent, I figure that I should probably get back to the main objective of this post – my nails.

Okay so, you know when you have a brilliant idea that you can’t wait to execute? That’s exactly what I considered this nail design project to be. Except that I’m not very good at executing when it comes to nails. I’m a one swipe kind of girl … as in, if I had it my way I would just do one swipe of polish across all nails on each hand. Apparently that doesn’t look very good so I try to put in some effort when painting my nails.

It all started when I saw these nail polish strips. I really love Sally Hansen products and I should totally do a review of their strips and polishes some day. Well lawd a mercy, I couldn’t find these particular strips anywhere. I was willing to even pay Shoppers Drug Mart’s exorbitant prices just to get this product. I decided, after all, that I would just try to paint it on my own.

The challenge was that I didn’t have a lot of usable gold polish. I swear, I think I got that bottle when I was in high school forever ago. Now purple, I had … in several different shades. Don’t be fooled people! The pictures look great but it’s all thanks to Photo-chop (as my aunt likes to say). For those of you with talent and who are interested in this design, see my instructions below (though I’m sure you’ve probably already got it covered). For the rest of you who are painting disabled, like me, I have a real deal gift for you at the end. You’re welcome 🙂

purple hits gold tips finished

Products used:

Application Time:

15 minutes

Drying Time:

35 minutes


  1. Apply base coat to all nails and allow to dry fully. Approximately 15 minutes. tip – I usually don’t use a base coat because I change up my nails so often but it’s a good thing to apply if you want your manicure to last longer and especially if you’ll be using a polish that has a red, orange, green, or blue tint. Without a base coat, your nails can easily stain with these colours.
  2. Next, apply a thin coat of dark purple nail polish to all fingers on both hands. Allow to dry for approximately 5 minutes. tip – when using SH Insta-Dri polishes, make sure your first coat is thin. I tend to be impatient and clumsy so I ended up applying a first coat that was kind of thick and it didn’t dry quickly enough.
  3. If the nails you’ve painted purple are patchy/uneven, you can apply a second coat. It’s important that you only apply a second coat once the first coat is dry. Allow to dry for approximately 5 minutes
  4. Once your purple is fully dried, carefully apply a French mani strip to each nail. How close or far away you put the strip to the nail tip is a matter of personal preference and depends on how long your nails are. tip – make sure to press the strips down across the nail. They have the tendency to lift up towards the edges of the nail.
  5. Now, paint the tips of your nails with your selected gold polish. Don’t be afraid to get gold polish on the strips but try not to get gold on the lower part of your nail.
  6. Depending on the type of gold polish you’re using, the drying time will vary. I find that glittery polishes dry faster than others. It’ll take an average of 5 minutes to dry.
  7. After the gold polish has dried, carefully remove each strip, making sure to pull across. Do not pull up or down since this may ruin/smudge the gold or purple polishes.
  8. Finally, apply a thick layer of quick dry to all nails and allow to dry for 5 minutes.

Let’s be real, as easy as this design is, for whatever reason I’m disabled when it comes to painting my nails. If you’ve tried this design please send in pictures of your creations. Any tips (haha I’m punny) on how to make this look better, or even how to paint a nail (any nail)? Share your ideas, tips, thoughts, and rants in the comment box below. xoxo


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2 thoughts on “Purple Hits, Gold Tips

  1. Well! Well! I am beginning to really believe in ESP…was just thinking about your Blogs or lack thereof…and one appears….glad you are back!

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      Thanks for the encouragement and especially for sticking around in eager anticipation of the next post while I was figuring things out. <3

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