[Book Review] Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst

First of all, I just want to explain that this isn’t a typical book review. I’ve noticed that book reviews tend to include a synopsis of the book. If you want a summary, I’m sure you’ll have access to 24 of them on Amazon (I don’t know why – it was the first number that came to mind).

Anyhow, I’ll be answering a few questions to get down to the heart of what I really think about the book. I hope this review is helpful to you. Please share your thoughts below and share this post on social media ❤♡


The basics

UngluedTitle: Unglued: Making Wise Choices In The Midst Of Raw Emotions

Author: Lysa TerKeurst

Publisher: Zondervan Trade Books (August 3, 2012)

Pages: 192

ISBN-10: 0310332796

D&L Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟



What inspired you to pick this book up?

I was browsing through the sermon archive at Elevation Church, honestly, just looking for some encouragement. For some reason “The Best Yes” caught my eye. The interview at the beginning was entertaining enough that I decided to give Lysa a listen. This chick was good! Her talk really resonated with me and I thought I should give her book a try someday.

Several weeks later, I happened to find a Kindle deal for “Unglued” and since by that point I was familiar with the author’s name, I was very interested in reading her book. So glad I did! 

What is the author’s writing style like?

As was described of her during the interview, “she teaches practically and shares vulnerably.” She’s never preachy or accusatory and instead, openly shares what she’s learned in life’s many messy situations. Her writing is approachable, honest (there will be many moments where you say, “me too!”), enlightening, and funny – the best mix!

Who is this book best suited to?

Clearly, with Lysa’s references to the Bible and dropping statements like “we girls” and “God’s girls”, her primary audience is Christian females. But I think that in this book even girls who aren’t part of the Christian faith can learn so much about themselves and others; remember – she teaches things that are practical. And this might be a bit of a stretch, but guys out there can certainly get a better understanding of the women in their lives even if only by having a chat about the book with the ones who are reading it.

What impact has this book made on you?

By openly speaking about the crazy in her life, Lysa has in a very non-confrontational way made me realize how and why I also have the tendency to come to pieces over life’s messy situations. She calls herself out on the stupidity and because I was able to see myself in so many of the described situations, she called me out too. I realized that there were many areas in my life that needed some fixin’.

Because her advice is shared in a sensible and pragmatic (bonus) way that is backed up with scripture (double bonus), I finished this book with a positive sense of direction. All-in-all, it made me want to be a better girlfriend, colleague, friend, and person. 

Biggest takeaway(s)?

Emotions are okay and can actually be used to experience and enjoy life. Falling to pieces is a normal part of almost any woman’s life but it doesn’t have to be our only response. Lysa shows that there is a better way to make sense of and respond to the most sensitive and delicate of situations.

Thanks to Lysa, I now know that I am mainly an “exploder who blames others” and sometimes a “stuffer who builds barriers”. Ouch … I know, but it’s the truth and needed to be heard and said.

And thanks to her sound advice, I have a toolbox full of great tips on how to renew my mind, change my perspective, and ultimately, better navigate life’s uncomfortable and crazy situations.

I’m tempted to share the exact advice I’ve learned because it’s so good but I don’t want to be a spoiler and you’ll be much better of journeying through the book yourself. Trust me, what she says will really get your cabeza thinking.

Favorite quote?

“Sometimes we girls think if we don’t make instant progress, then real change isn’t coming. But that’s not so. There is a beautiful reality called imperfect progress … slow steps of progress wrapped in grace … and good heavens, I needs lots of that.”

How true is that!?

Least favourite part?

Chapter 3 but only because it really challenged me to be honest about the traps I put myself in. Sometimes when I answer self-assessment questions I’ll respond with what I think the ideal and perfect answers should be. Don’t lie … you do it too. 😮

Which hashtags would you use for this book?

#inspired  #tellitlikeitis  #positivechanges  #imperfectprogress  #workingonit

Would you recommend this book and why?

Absolutely yes! It’s a relatively short book and a very easy read. If you want to know yourself better and become a better you – read “Unglued“. 


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