Dominican Day 1

March 2, 2015

Quest is @ MIA – Tired but extremely grateful that all is well so far. Next stop Puerto Plata!

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From -22 to +22, I can’t tell you how grateful that I am to be here in the Dominican Republic. It’s amazing to me that what was once merely a dream burning in my heart has actually become a reality. At first the idea of me going to the DR was just a nice thought. Then one night in January as I lay in bed trying to drift off to sleep, a few ideas came to mind as to how I might be able to really help Dove Missions in some way. Suddenly, ideas just started flowing through my mind and I caught myself saying, “oh we could try this! and for sure if I were to try such and such the kids would love it!” Needless-to-say, my dreaming went into hyperdrive and being overcome by so much excitement at just a mere idea, I was unable to go to sleep that evening.

And now here I am finally realizing those dreams and ideas. Funny enough, as the driver and I were driving to my lodgings, I started thinking that I may be in way over my head. I began to wonder if I could really carry out all of the things I had spent so much time dreaming about.

Earlier in Miami after not sleeping for 36 hours coupled with nervousness about the trip and the usual stress of travel, my weary eyes looked at the departures board and I saw 12:40pm listed beside my flight to POP. My brain interpreted the information as “boarding time” and I went off to explore almost every store in the Miami airport. At around 12:36 I looked at the time and figured I should make my way towards my gate. When I got to the counter, I was greeted by a frantic and desperately concerned representative who said, “My goodness, we’ve been paging you. I don’t think you can get on this flight now. They’ve already started removing your bags off the plane.” I immediately came to my senses and realized my grave mistake 🙁

The representative then scurried behind the counter and through the plane corridor that was almost detached from the plane to see if there was any way should could convince the flight staff to keep me on the flight. Sweat poured down my face and my heart raced as I nervously waited for the lady to return with the news. Dread came over me and I wondered what repercussions would become of my carelessness. What’s worse is that I didn’t even have the contact information or wasn’t even sure of the driver who’d pick me up. Even if I was able to board the plane what would happen when I got to the other side? Would it be possible that nobody would be waiting for me? Would I have my luggage?

Low and behold, a seat was prepared for me on the plane (phew), my luggage was gathered at POP (ah-mazing), and the driver was happily waiting outside the airport for me with a sign (amen!).

Every barrier I’ve faced so far has been conquered in big ways. Just think that only 6 months after returning from my trip to Africa, I had to raise funds for another volunteer trip. I was particularly nervous about asking people to donate for this trip because I figured that they wouldn’t want to sponsor me again (and so soon) and especially because tax receipts wouldn’t be provided. And you know what – people didn’t care about all that. They wanted to love on me anyway. That sort of kindness brought me well beyond my fundraising goal. Knowing that people are thinking about me and praying for me has been so encouraging. And after overcoming the fiasco today I concluded that if anyone is meant to be doing this work in the Dominican right now, it’s me.

I’m honoured by this opportunity and especially by the fact that all of you believed in me. I intend to treat my time here with the dedication and respect that are deserved in hopes that I will make you proud.


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