Dominican Day 10

March 11, 2015

It’s been a long, emotional day and I’m tired and sick or sick and tired 😛 I’ve been struggling with a nighttime dry cough that’s taking away from my sleep. I’m just going to post artifacts from my day in two separate posts.

This post will include pictures from my visit to Los Cocos, a Haitian village here in DR. I was informed that the person who owns the property allowed the Haitians to live there for free. It’s really hard for Haitians to settle here and get work since they don’t have the appropriate documentation (ex- birth certificate, etc.)

leaf border

I spent the afternoon at the club. Rather than “torturing” the kids by having them eat more raw veggies, the Barton group suggested that we get the kids to paint any healthy items they learned about.

BTW I found a heart rock for Brad … and left it in the sand.


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