Dominican Day 13

March 13, 2015

WEATHER: It rained briefly in the morning but from there it was a mix of sun and clouds. I wore my beach hat just because and though someone thought it looked goofy, the kids loved it ☺

MOSQUITO BITE COUNT: It makes so much sense! Check this out.

How timely! The tune of, “I think I want to go home” marched through my head again. By the day end, I concluded that I would take a walk to think things over.

• Trying to manage mismatched expectations between the kids and the club staff
• Feeling drained after the long day and very trying week. So drained that I passed out at home with the lights on and the mosquito netting off.
• Learning how to be patient and compassionate in the midst of chaos. Big fail for me today. I lost my temper and popped a really nice balloon after 3 kids were fighting and scraping by me to get it … all while the rest of the chaos was going on. Kids = 1, Quest= 0
• Controlling my emotions. Iwasthisclosetocrying.
• Knowing when to discuss my challenges with others
• Know what to say to poor, sweet Teresa who on the outside seemed unmoved but her words spoke volumes. We’re supposed to be partners and I was saddened and frustrated that in her time of need, I couldn’t be there for her.
• The language barrier of course. Of all the days so far, I had wished on Saturday that my Spanish was good enough to try to help the situation, not stand in the corner, frozen and silent.

• I found Tio Pan café on my own!! Martina and I had visited this café the very night I arrived. We walked there when it was somewhat dark and I’d been wondering all this while where that café was. I had tried to find it a few times when I went for walks but wasn’t successful. Then I found it on my own while trying to chase the sun that was setting on the mountain. And to think, it’s only a 5 minute walk from home!
• That I’m human and very imperfect. My patience isn’t where I need it to be
• Jose Luis has free wi-fi and a café
• Those nice swanky houses up the road are being built by

• The day I had with my family on Friday. Honestly, if it weren’t for that rejuvenation I certainly would have fallen apart.
• Finding the hidden gems (wi-fi and café) at Jose Luis. Yep, you better believe that after the day I had, I got a grilled chicken sandwich with a nice piece of chocolate cake
• My grandmother who said, “You know, I think 5 weeks is very long time. Next time two weeks is okay. You away too long. Come back, I miss you.” Aww, Avo. I miss you too!
• Brad’s listening ears and open heart, ready to console and encourage. We’re so connected that sometimes I worry that he lives through all of the emotions and experiences with me
• Internet connection so that I could call Avo and Brad. I know we’re in an age were the Internet is severing quality relationships and good communication but in my circumstances it has helped bring my far away loved ones closer together with me
• The evening walk I got to take. I was so determined to try to catch the sun setting on the mountain behind us that I walked for a long time before I realized that it’d be better if I tried again another day. I discovered some really nice houses and a terrific view none-the-less.

Father, please give me the wisdom I need to respond to these kids with compassion. Help me to learn what patience really means and to apply it in all circumstances. Fill me with the hope and encouragement I need to get through and conquer another day.

• Any tips on how to manage anxiety?
• Suggestions on how to improve my patience?

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