Dominican Day 14

March 15, 2015

WEATHER: Sunny in the morning but wow, did it ever rain today! Apparently the humidex reached up to 36 but I was inside for a good part of the day and I’ll tell you why later.

My juicy legs were attacked in the evening while I was sitting at the dinner table. The mosquitos are getting adventurous. I got a few on my stomach and lower back today. No, I wasn’t wearing a belly top! Seriously, the repellant doesn’t make a difference. Can someone please explain to me why I spray myself with that poison twice a day?

Okay, okay! I know my “short” stories have been quite novel-esque lately so I’ll try my best to make this one short. In fact, today started off as quite a low-key and boring day that I wasn’t even going to post until something funny happened ….

I’ve been in talks with a company based in San Fran about the possibility of me doing work with them. We’ve been getting on really well and I’ve quite enjoyed interacting with several people on the team. I had a call scheduled today to discuss next steps with one of the cofounders. The meeting was scheduled for 2pm my time. Wouldn’t you know that at 1:36pm the skies decided to open up and release a torrential downpour!

Let me give you some context here – many of the houses in the DR have barred windows with slats that open and close for ventilation. No screens or glass. You can’t even imagine how noisy that gets. It’s no wonder I have trouble sleeping when it rains like that It literally sounds like I’m right under a waterfall. So as the time ticked on and the rain got heavier, I frantically ran around the house trying to find the quietest spot. No dice! Every room has one or many windows.

I walked back towards my room wondering how to deal with this. As I entered my room I noticed that my closet doors were slightly ajar and I got an idea. Yeah, that’s right. I know what you’re thinking and that’s what I was thinking too. This was a super important call and I couldn’t afford to have it messed up by making me sound like I was on Maid of the Mist.

Sometimes it’s okay to be in the closet ☺ The call went really well and I’m excited about what’s to come.

• Trying not to panic as 2pm neared and I hadn’t found a quiet spot. My closet from this point forward will be known as Narnia.
• Connection issues and delays while on the call
• Seeing a cockroach. Holy snap, tropical roaches are huge. Uganda has some serious competition. We’re talking 2”x1” ☹ Poor Martina came running into the kitchen in a towel from the shower.
• Today I cooked rice. Yes, I burned the pot again. Next time I’m not using ceramic.

• That I have Narnia right in my room
• During my afternoon walk I came upon a hidden, empty lot near the top of the hill. This allowed me to take in an even better view of the sun setting on the mountain
• I’m a good cook, even in the Dominican

• It’s after 10pm and I’ve barely been coughing! Hallelujah!
• Martina who did the extermination and clean up on isle 6. Seriously, if she hadn’t been in the kitchen I probably would have passed out. Can’t. Handle.
• Thanks to Nadir for being super patient today as the call cut out 3 times and understanding while there was an idiotic delay. Deliver those packets already!
• My afternoon walks and being able to catch the sun setting this time. The view is beautiful
• Tio Pan’s banana bread. Yes, I rewarded myself with a slice and some tea after my call today
• Being able to clean the pot of rice. I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. It looked bleak at some point but eventually I managed to get the burned remnants off.
• My amazing dinner of boiled rice, stir fry veggies, and BBQ chicken. Dang … I’m a good cook!
• Recreos. The much cheaper alternative to Oreos.
• Going to visit my aunt and uncle tomorrow. In the words of Mr. Pollo, “I lowve eet!”
• Martina inviting me out to the beach today. I wasn’t able to go because I had the call but told her I’d come next week if I’m free.

Lord, please help me find a way to get to and from the hotel quickly, safely, and comfortably. This is the first time that I’ll be travelling there by myself so I’m a bit nervous. I’m trusting in you that everything will work out tomorrow. Thanks for giving me another opportunity to spend time with people that I love and cherish so much. You’re so good to me!

• Anyone willing to pay me to cook? ☺
• Speaking of which, I’m curious to know what sort of jobs you think I’d be good at.

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