Dominican Day 17

March 18, 2015

WEATHER: Today was definitely a warm day. I could feel it right when Freddie and I went for our mountain run this morning. I believe it reached a high of 37 today.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I just want to run outside naked and rub my whole body against a tree. It was all a mean trick. The Off spray doesn’t work for me. Off!! You seemed so promising!! Why? I got so many bites today that I hope I’ll be able to sleep.

No way, Jose. I’m just too tired to write up a story. I promise, nothing interesting happened today.

• Trying to keep my energy up in spite of being so tired
• The mountain that Freddie was convinced that we could run up. Seriously, that path is steep and killer. Major fail.
• Having only 20 minutes to get ready. By the time Freddie and I came back from our run …er… walk, it was 8:40 and Mr. Pollo was supposed to pick us up at 9! Seriously, I must have reached a record today. Wow!
• Throwing soiled toilet paper in the garbage. *Rolling eyes*
• Finding “Choco Bananas” in the fridge only to be seriously disappointed. WTH! Doesn’t this country have the real thing? Can anyone from Belize please send me some?
• The fly that keeps whizzing by my head and running into the mirror. Seriously. Has. To. Stop
• Mosquito bites. Enough said!
• Billy’s tantrums. I’m going to have one soon too!
• Trying to muster enough energy to work with Alfredo after work on tax stuff. I was so tired but put a smile on my face and tried to be as helpful as possible. We experienced several technical issues and had to adjourn the meeting after an hour of unsuccessful attempts.
• My Skype call with Brad was constantly interrupted by hiccups. I’m so tired of it.
• There’s a little guy in one of my classes that doesn’t know how to read or write at all. It’s difficult to have him follow along with the rest of the class.

• I got ripped off when I ordered from Mister Pollo yesterday. They must have taken advantage of me because I’m a foreigner
• Internal politics are on the rise
• The Off spray I received doesn’t work, unfortunately
• Apparently there are tarantulas and huuuuuuuuge centipedes along the path that Freddie and I take. I told her I’d run with her tomorrow. This new information means I’m suddenly too ill to run in the morning. Shhhh … don’t tell anyone
• When I looked in one of the kid’s notebooks today, I saw that he had mixed a bunch of things up. I looked at other entries in the book and he had done the same thing. I began wondering if he had a learning disability or a disorder of some sort. Very suspicious. However, we don’t have enough support here to diagnose and help situations like these. Now what?

• Teresa’s sincere effort again today. She makes me so proud!
• Brad’s never ending love. Really starting to miss that guy
• The view during our walk. I said it before but I’ll won’t tire of it.
• My aunt’s email telling me that she missed me today. Aww ☺
• Brad’s persistence and patience. When I’m ready to forgo calling because of technical issues, he always encourages me to give it another try. Don’t have patience for this.
• The heat. Hopefully it’ll stay like this when I see my family again on Sunday and Monday
• Another successful day. I had written down the rules for each class on large chart paper and each child put their name and fingerprint at the bottom of it to signify that they agreed with the rules. Also tried a few new strategies today that seemed to work. Teresa and I were so grateful!
• Being able to help Mr. Pollo today. Feels good to support others
• No more cough! Yay me!

Lord, I’m completely wiped. But I just wanted to say thanks for another amazing day. Sorry, that’s all I can utter today. I know you understand ☺

• Any suggestions what to do with the kid who can’t really read or write?
• Any informal tests I can do to see if a child has a learning disability?


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