Dominican Day 18

March 19, 2015

WEATHER: Another hot one. As much as I love the heat I don’t think I was ready for this sudden change. High of 37 today and I don’t think it rained.

Of course I got a few more! No escaping these things. Found one inside my mosquito net last night and I squashed it right on my freshly washed sheets. So over them.

This one will be short for sure, but not as short as yesterday’s. I’m really tired, not feeling well, and had a hard day.

The week had been coming along so nicely. I felt we were finally making progress. In fact, I’d even consider it a breakthrough. Today was the first day of the week that we had the girls so I was nervous and excited about trying the new strategies with them.

The girl’s classes are always larger and so to manage them Teresa and I really need to stick to the plan we had for this week. The afternoon class was especially difficult. The girls were loud, screaming most of the times, in fact. My head was pounding. Several of the kids were swinging on their chairs and Teresa said nothing at all. Others went to the back of the class and stuck their head out the windows and still Teresa didn’t do anything. What happened? sigh!

Today we had volunteers and Teresa and I were asked to cut our rules lesson short to do crafts. It was explained that the volunteers looked like they were bored so we were asked to have the volunteers help the kids make beaded bracelets. But …. but … these rules were part of the foundational strategy that we employed. We didn’t get to finish it and now it feels that we’ve taken steps backward.

Honestly, today felt like a Saturday. That’s just how crazy it was. #cantWaitUntilSunday

• Teresa slipping back into old patterns
• Zero energy. Full body aches. Fever?
• Feeling like I was back at square one. I’d made so much progress with the boys and since the students today were a new set, it felt as though progress really hadn’t be made
• Being asked to change the activity mid-lesson. Really!? I really think that what Teresa and I were trying to enforce was so important.
• Trying to balance keeping the volunteers happy and the kids ‘fed’
• Connection problems, as always, during my call to my grandmother. She always tells me she doesn’t understand me. I wonder if I should just not bother with the calls anymore.
• Had to sit down in the café during my visit to Jose Luis and I began dreading the walk back home. To think, something that I enjoy so much became dreadful considering how sick I was feeling.
• Billy’s tantrums. Seriously … I don’t think I can handle. Hats off to Freddie for doing such a good job!
• The swarms of human mosquitoes that almost got an earful on my way back home. What was normally laughable to me became very irritating today. Wasn’t in the mood. Was very ready to take off my sandal and start swatting at them. That’s what we do to mosquitoes right?

• I need to be more flexible. Life doesn’t always run by our plans

• I should be grateful for being able to see another day, in the Dominican at that!
• Some pretty kick arse devotionals for March 17th and 18th that I read today
• A nice, simple dinner

Lord. Healing. Please. Restoration. And encouragement.

• No questions. Too tired.


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