Dominican Day 2

March 3, 2015

**We had no internet and a power outage yesterday. This is the first chance I’ve had to post an update**

Patience is a ….

I’m not sure about the temperature today (probably low 30s) but apparently the rain is a lady and here she likes to come and go as she pleases

one, two, three, four … twenty

I eagerly set my alarm to wake up at 6am. Yeah right! I was so gone I’m just happy I woke up at 7 or at all after the exhausting day I had yesterday. I was excited to shower and wash off the grime from a day’s worth of travelling. Turned the shower on, stuck my hand under the running water, and realized it was freezing. It’s always important to check the water first before diving in, you know. You wouldn’t want to go into shock after being slapped by cold water, right! A few minutes passed and I started to wonder if I’d get any hot water at all. But I was so desperate to take a shower. I reminded myself that I was in the Caribbean and that hot water might be hard to come by at time.

Okay, it was time to psych myself up. I took a few steps back did a little dance in the buff and chanted, “I can do it! I’m just going to get it done!” I ran toward the shower, charging in a war-like fashion. I was greeted with a slap alright, by boiling hot water. I’m sure the neighbors heard me …. Because of my amazing singing, of course.

• Once I showered and got ready this morning, I left my room to find I was the only person in the house. I panicked and immediately thought I had either gotten up late or had taken too long. I had to convince myself that regardless, everything would be okay. As it turned out Martina had only left to drop Marley off at school and it’d still be 1.5 hours before we were picked up (phew)

• The rain scares people away for some reason so the center was closed in the morning since nobody showed up. I began to wonder how much of an impact I could really make here if it continues to rain but then we decided to go to the supermarket. Speaking of which,

• While we were in the Dove van, it was decided that since the center would be closed Martina and I would just go to the supermarket. This would be my chance to do my food and supplies shopping but I knew I only had $20 USD on me. The driver offered to lend me some money and I felt terribly embarrassed but Pincho aka Juan is the best. And besides he said he’d apply a 24% interest rate ahaha.

• After buying laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and food I spent nearly $50 USD. I hope I can chill it a bit with the spending moving forward because I don’t have a lot of cash on me. Forget the fancy stir-fry, peanut butter and Nutella should do just fine for dinner

• No internet ☹. How did the dinosaurs manage?

•Trying to teach a single class which contains boys ranging from age 6 to 12 who are all vying for my attention and will only speak Spanish to me is an overwhelming task, especially when I was thrown in there without having a lesson plan prepared. But I will not be defeated. Tomorrow I shall try again!

• Toilet paper does not belong in the toilet (oops … but!)
• The rain makes me sleepy even in the Caribbean
• Mango Jumex is hard to find here (at least at Jose Luis Supermercado)
• I dress like the teacher from the movie, Matilda (and that’s my new name)
• It’s common to take two showers a day in the Caribbean
• Maria cookies don’t make for a fulfilling dinner. Must find protein!
• Kids that cause a lot of trouble need the most love

• My beautiful room which includes a private bathroom
• Hot water
• The safety of the community I live in
• The team at Dove who’ve been so gracious to me
• The love letter one of the students passed to me which contained all of one drawn heart in all of it’s glory (cute)
• The opportunity to teach even though I hadn’t expected it
• The MacBook Pro that Brad lent to me
• El pequeno espanol que entiendo. Necesito practicar mas. Ojala que puedo hablar mas de espanol cuando voy a Canada este Abril.

Lord, keep me humble and keep me open.

• What’s better – buying a prepaid phone here or purchasing a Fido roaming package?
• Any suggestions for low cost, protein packed meals that I can make?
• Ideas to create order in a chaotic classroom that has at risk children who speak only Spanish?
• What would you love to see pictures of?


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