Dominican Day 27

March 28, 2015

WEATHER: Another scorcher. I’m not sure of the exact temperature but it doesn’t matter. The heat was sweltering enough that it induced another throbbing headache.

I think I only got one today. Nope, wait. Actually, I got 3. Let’s see what tonight has in store for me 🙂

This’ll be a short story for sure because in spite of it being Saturday, it was a pretty hum-drum day.

In the morning we only had 18 or so students and in the afternoon we had 30. Not bad for a Saturday. Totally makes sense though because a lot of families will be joining festivities or going to the beach for Semana Santa.

In the morning we had the children create tic-tac-toe boards and pieces out of foam sheets and in the afternoon we allowed them to go to the playground or stay inside to play with some toys. I was barely hanging on as the afternoon trudged along and my head pounded. While I helped a little boy play with some Lego he decided to proudly serenade me with a few sounds. I couldn’t understand exactly what he was singing about but such sweetness made me tear up.

As I left that room to check on the other children, I saw a boy with a basketball and playfully attempted to grab the ball from him. In the process, I accidentally hit a Haitian boy in the face and stepped forcefully on his foot. I held on to him and apologized profusely though I’m not sure he understood what I was saying. So as not to cause me any shame, he softly said, “please excuse me,” and ran outside to the playground. I went to the window quickly to look outside to see if he showed any signs of being badly hurt. I felt terrible. He seemed to be okay as he sat on a swing by himself.

A while later I went to the playroom where some of the boys thrust a net into my hands as they whipped balls at me. I quickly learned that the point of this “game” was to the use the net to repel the balls and not get hit in the face. The Haitian boy who also had a ball in his hands walked over to me and softly grabbed the net from my hands. He shouted at the other boys saying, “you’re not supposed to be throwing them so hard at her,” implying that because I’m a girl they should be more gentle. So he took the net and encouraged the boys to throw the balls at him.

My heart is broken. How can I not cry about the love and softness of this beautiful creature. Can I keep him?

• When it gets this hot it becomes a problem. I get headaches and need to apply antiperspirant at least twice a day
• These heat headaches. They seem to creep up on me slowly and forcefully.
• The workday seemed to go by at a snail’s pace. During the afternoon I looked up at the clock expecting to see the time nearing 4 which would have been the end of my day. Instead, I saw that it was only 2:37. Don’t you hate when that happens?!
• Before my lunch break was over, Freddie came home and announced that her wallet had been stolen from her purse at the club. Such terrible circumstances considering the big weekend and the fact that more than likely it was one of the kids. Yikes ☹
• My stomach has been really upset with me since I got home. I’m telling you, it’s bound to come out of one end at brute force. I just want to get rid of this feeling.

• People shamelessly dry their washed clothes on the monkey bars in the park across from the club
• Police readily accept payments a.k.a bribes
• Today is the start of Semana Santa in preparation for Easter. Kids won’t have school until after Easter and a favourite pastime during this period is for families to flock to the beach. I know to stay clear of the beaches this weekend!
• Not related to the DR but Future Shop is closing. Why both Future Shop and Best Buy existed is way beyond me.
• Freddie has a little clock that tells the time, of course, and the temperature. The boy figure tells you what to wear according to the temperature. He was wearing speedos today 🙂
• There’s a man who likes to sit on the curb of the playground and read. What a rare sight in the DR!
• The mannequins here are … um … unreasonable 😉

• Gordo returned home! Apparently, he arrived home around 4am and was so tired that he passed out right away. We suspect he has a girlfriend 🙂
• Teresa who has graciously offered to take me to her church tomorrow and make lunch for me. Even though I’m not fond at all of going to Catholic churches, it’s an honour for me to be able to spend the day with her
• That my headache went away after taking some Ibuprofen
• The Haitian boy’s forgiveness and love. I’m determined to learn his name. I’ll ask him when I see him on Tuesday.
• The little boy who serenaded me. I’ll post the video soon.
• The little boy who made me a “bandera” bracelet. Need to learn his name as well.
• Pincho going into Mister Pollo again for me today. Lunch was delicious but I could only eat half. Gordo was very happy to receive the rest. I’ll post the video of this as well.

Lord, I’m really not feeling well. Please let this sick feeling pass so that I can be bright faced and ready to conquer the day tomorrow. Thank you for ensuring that both Brad and Gordo made it safely.

Any questions for me?


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2 thoughts on “Dominican Day 27

    1. Hi Melissa,

      I’m not currently in the Dominican. I decided to pay tribute to my volunteer trip from last year by sharing my intimate journal entries on the anniversary of my trip 😉

      That boy is so sweet. I can remember his face and smile very vividly. Even watching the video now brings tears to my eyes. So grateful to have experienced his singing!

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