Dominican Day 3

March 4, 2015

WEATHER: I’m still not sure. It was raining last night before I went to bed and continued raining throughout the evening. At some point during the night (around 3am?) it was raining so hard that I woke up. It rained again this morning as well but cleared up around 8:15am just so that I could go for a run outside ☺

My collection is growing and the bites are getting bigger. Apparently, I’m really delicious.

I’m super tired. The end.

• Mi espanol! I wish my Spanish was a lot better so that I could make a better connection with the kids and be able to teach them properly

• Trying to work with the teacher who does things on island time and at island pace and speaks only Spanish has been tremendously difficult. I’ve been trying to work with her to discuss and combine ideas for lessons but it’s all haphazard. I’m determined – by the end of this month there will be more order and structure in the classroom and the teacher will be empowered to plan ahead

• Trying to reason with a 3 year old who is throwing a tantrum. We’re good now. He calls me Matilda and I call him Billy the bee

• Dealing with kids who blow kisses at me during my lessons and try to nestle their faces in my bosom when hugging me goodbye. Oy vey!

• I still having trouble with putting dirty toilet paper in the garbage. Wondering if I’ll ever be okay with this

• There is only one teacher at the center and she is overwhelmed with the number of students she has to teach. The number alone isn’t the only issue, it’s that the age ranges and hence the needs of the students differ greatly. God bless these kids! They hit each other and just rip things out of your hands without asking or saying thank you. They run in and out of the classroom without asking to be excused. Very few ever raise their hand and are ignored since the teacher is trying to calm down those that are screaming at the top of their lungs. What’s more is that discipline is not enforced at home or in regular schools so classes get chaotic.

• Running up a mountain is harder than I expected
• The kids I’m teaching know a lot more about sex than I thought. This is a very over-sexualized culture
• Boys here are taught at a very young age that they are meant to dominate over women. You should see how some of the 6 year olds talk to me.
• Classes for the girls are much more tame. Let’s see what Thursday and Friday bring
• Martina (aka Freddie) is a great buddy to have and has some good advice to share
• The Dominican peso looks very similar to the Canadian loonie

• Boundless amounts of energy during the day
• A beautiful view while running in the morning
• Hot water!
• Brad MacDonald who out of love has made the effort to check on my grandmother twice already

Father, please give me the strength I need to conquer each day and patience to teach, discipline, and reward the students in love.

• Any suggestions to prevent mosquito bites?
• Or how about how to treat bites?


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2 thoughts on “Dominican Day 3

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement!Trips like these are never easy but are wonderful opportunities to grow in many ways as we learn more about the world around us. It’s been a year since I’ve been in the Dominican and I’ve been aching to do some volunteer abroad again.

      Hoping it’s something that Brad and I can include in our honeymoon this year 🙂

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