Dominican Day 8

March 9, 2015

WEATHER: Raining and pouring. Then raining again. In fact, it was raining so hard this morning that it woke me up.

I have a nice new big one on the side of my knees that’s started to swell. I also got a few others along my legs. Guess the bug repellant helps somewhat. Note to self: don’t wait until you have a bite to apply.

This one will be really short because … well… I didn’t have much to do today.

I was thrilled and somewhat reluctant when Freddie asked if I’d take a walk with her this morning. The last ‘walk’ we took involved running up the side of a mountain. I didn’t make it last time and was genuinely fearful that I’d pass out from exhaustion and tumble back down.

Today we only walked though and praise the Lord for that because the path we took this time had us both sweating and panting before we really got anywhere. And the landing point that we made it to was breathtaking. Just imagine, out in the distance I could see the bright blue sea contrasted by the dark and unsettled sky ready to open up another downfall at any moment. And just behind me was a beautiful lush mountain that I was perched on. It made me feel powerful.

• My growing collection of mosquito bites which have strangely started becoming itchy
• One of my best hair barrettes fell down the sink today. I wanted to have a tantrum about it but I let it go
• The irony of mosquitos on and inside my mosquito net. Oy vey!
• A rainy day makes me feel very tired and lazy. That could also be because I find that the rain wakes me up pretty early sometimes and I suspect that my sleep quality has deteriorated because of it
• Fighting loneliness and boredom. It’s strange because during the week I’m begging for the weekend to come and now that my weekend had arrived, I was ready to get back to the workweek. After cleaning up a bit, I realized that I had absolutely nothing to do. And it’s nothing at all like being back home either, where I’d have a slew of things to occupy my downtime. It all made me feel kind of sad.
• In all of the idleness I began to question my purpose here. Yes, I know that before my arrival I had set out with a series of goals. But truthfully, things have been unexpectedly challenging and I’ve been grasping in the cloudiness hoping that one of these days I’ll find something to hang on to. I’ve also decided that I need to give myself some time to settle in. Perhaps I had unrealistic expectations that I’d get here and hit the ground running? Geeze lady, give yourself a break!

• All of the toilet paper here is scented. Guess that makes sense since toilet paper doesn’t go in the toilet but in the garbage
• Okay this is a bit of a cheat since it was something I learned yesterday. It turns out that the resort my tios will be staying at is a lot farther than I expected. I thought it’d be a 20 minute walk and it happens to be a 25 minute drive. This might mean that I won’t be able to visit them as often as I’d like.

• Freddie and I checked the pump this morning and it worked, yay!!!!
• A Billy tantrum free day … or at least that I know of
• The morning hike and taking in the fresh, sweet-smelling air
• The French lady Freddie knows that lives on the mountain. It started pouring on our descent just as we were passing the lady’s house and, fortunately, she gave us drive home
• No arthritic pains in spite of the rainy days
• Jose Luis! He cured my blues like nothing else. Honestly, the walk there and being able to select items that are labeled in a different language makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. Ah, the little joys of life.
• Fresh, ripe, yellow mangoes. Mmm seriously, these things are little bundles of heaven
• Creed’s acceptance to a master’s program at U of T. So proud of him! ❤
• A call with Brad void of any technical issues. Finally!

Lord, I just pray that you help me see hope in what I’m doing. It’s so easy to get lost in all of this that I lose focus on what I’m really here for. Please give me more clarity on what your purpose is for me here. I need a heart and spirit reset. Also, please rid me of the cough I’ve been fighting. It seems to visit me every evening and may be one of the reasons I’m having trouble getting proper sleep.

• Any tips on how to get a full night’s sleep?


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