TTC Pigeon

If you’re from or have been to Toronto for any number of days, you’ve quickly learned that the TTC isn’t always “the better way”. Sometimes it seems that anything goes when it comes to the TTC including having a streetcar driver look you in the eye, smile, and drive off even though you’re frantically knocking on the doors trying to get on and you have that #nextstreetcarisin20minutes look on your face.

But, after having relied on the TTC for decades (yes, most of us who live downtown don’t have cars – it’s a double edged sword, I know!) I’ve sometimes happened upon rather refreshing moments while riding our beloved public transit system.

July 16th was one of those times. I was on a streetcar hoping that the driver could telepathically read my thoughts about rushing to the Greyhound station to catch my bus in time and would miraculously charge through all intersections just for me (red lights and all). A few stops short of Bay Street, where the terminal is, the driver suddenly stopped way before a set of lights or a marked TTC stop. I saw him get off the streetcar and fumble around in front of it. He then started to make his way to the other side of the street where at the corner was a convenience store.

“Really?! &*@% I thought we had a silent agreement that ‘we’ were rushing to get me to the bus station?” I thought to myself. Don’t worry, I’m sure everyone else had the same thought or was at least wondering why he didn’t bother to stop 2 meters ahead and just go to Tim Hortons.    

Surprisingly, he happened to lay what looked like a small delicate object in the grass patch right in front of the store. I couldn’t make out what it was but a nearby pedestrian ran over to the grass patch and remained hunched over the unidentified object while the streetcar pulled away (after the driver got back in, of course).

I was so curious and didn’t know if my conscience would allow me to walk away from that streetcar without knowing what had happened. So, a few moments before I got off at my stop, I asked the streetcar driver what had happened. He paused for a moment, very pensive, then explained:

“I saw a pigeon in the tracks directly in front of the streetcar. It wasn’t moving from the tracks and I noticed that it’s foot was injured. Must have been hit by another car. I just couldn’t keep going! Maybe someone will do the same thing for me when I’m older.”

Yep, Mr. 505 going east near University Ave. at 9:57, you’re an awesome guy and if I ever see you caught in the tracks, I’ll surely pick you up and gently lay you in a grass patch too! ❤

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4 thoughts on “TTC Pigeon

    1. Ernesto, thanks for stopping by. Very interesting to hear that you’ve only observed these kind of things in Toronto. But I’m not too surprised. This city seems to be in love with animals. At this rate, I think we have more dog parks than human parks 😉

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